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Q1: What is the difference between an “original” and a “reproduction”?
Speaking of “originals”, there can only be ONE original which is the master piece designed at that time by the artist himself and which most likely is to be found in a museum or is privately owned.
Many of our customers ask about the authenticity of our furniture. Keep in mind that we are talking about the available technologies of 100 years ago. We are now manufacturing new pieces following the original idea of those days. However, many improvements in both materials and manufacturing techniques by the various manufacturers have resulted in modifications to the “original” designed prototypes.
When it comes to newly manufactured furniture, the truth is that regardless from whom and at whatever price you purchase it for, nowadays you will only obtain a revised reproduction or re-edition of furniture designs or prototypes made decades ago. However, there is a huge difference in quality which now, in the 21st century, we fortunately have access to.
Q2: Are your products “originals”?
See also answer above. Our products, as well as almost any product you may find in the market, are non-authorized reproductions. The difference between the so called originals and our manufacturing lies in the fact that we are not authorized to issue a “certificate of authenticity” neither to stamp the name of the designer nor a serial number on the piece. It’s hardly likely that anyone will be able to tell the “original” from our expert reproduction whether in appearance, quality and dimensions. It’s a matter of obtaining a beautiful collector’s item at an affordable price.
Q3: Could you send me a printed catalogue?
Being exclusively an internet shop, we are offering an easy mail-order business. We make every effort for our customers to ensure the comfort of browsing in our extensive virtual catalogue where you may find expressive photos and convince yourself of the high quality of our products.
The object of Bauhaus Warehouse is to offer affordable prices to our customers. Shipping your furniture directly from our production site in Italy enables us to basically pass on our ex works prices directly to the customer. However, we can only keep our low price level by abstaining from high expenses such as high-gloss printed publicity material and costly catalogues.
Q4: Do you have any showrooms / representatives?
See also answer above. In any case, you are most welcome to go and visit the showroom next to our production in Tuscany, Italy. Please feel free to contact our staff in order to arrange for an appointment.
Q5: How come your prices are so reasonable?
The answer is simple and is basically a summary of the last three aforesaid answers. Our aim is to enable our clients the purchase of beautiful modern classic furniture at the best price possible by practically passing on our ex works prices directly to our customers. Rather than going for expensive marketing methods such as printed material, showrooms, sales representatives, etc. We dedicate the investment of our monies in the first class quality of our products.
Q6: Can you send me some leather / cotton samples?
With pleasure! Just complete the corresponding request form on the product page, and you will receive your samples shortly by post. Please do not forget to indicate the specific article you are interested in. Also, we kindly ask you to limit your selection to the colours you really wish to see not exceeding a maximum of three or four. Thank you for helping to save unnecessary expenses.
Q7: When do I have to pay for my furniture?
Payment will be debited to your credit card only approximately one week prior to the ship date of your merchandise. When paying via Bank transfer, funds must be credited to our Bank no later than one week prior to ship date.
Q8: How do you ship your goods?
Small consignments are handled via DHL, UPS or other parcel services.
Larger consignments will be delivered by freight forwarders. In this case, you will be contacted directly by the forwarder to agree the date and time frame of delivery within their service hours.
Q9: What can I do if I am unhappy with my purchase?
In the most unexpected case that you should not like your furniture, we will of course take them back. Simply give us notice within the 14-day period after receipt of delivery. We will provide you with a return address and refund you once goods are received unused and undamaged in their original (or equivalent) packaging.
Q10: Where are you located and how can I contact you?
Our production site is located in Italy, while our customer service and logistics department are set up in Spain where our staff will attend you in five languages. For all inquiries, fell free to call or send us an email.